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Probiotic Sufficiency (Case of 12) by Innate Choice
Probiotic Sufficiency by Innate Choice (Case of 12)

Probiotic Sufficiency (Case of 12) by Innate Choice

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  • Genetically congruent probiotic formula - Save over 20%!
  • 60 caps/bottle -30 servings - 15 billion/capsule
  • For healthy intestinal and immune systems
  • 100% vegetarian – dairy/wheat free
  • World's premier multi-strain probiotic formula!
  • MPN : 094922611987

Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency (Case of 12) by Innate Choice

Save over 20% or over $100 on this Case of 12 Probiotic Sufficiency Immune System

Innate Choice� PROBIOTIC SUFFICIENCY� is the world�s premier multi-strain probiotic formula containing nine of the most essential species of beneficial bacteria.

It is the only formula designed to re-establish those species found most commonly in the food of our ancestors and in the intestinal tracts of healthy human beings.

Probiotic Suficiency� is derived from 100% vegetarian culture and contains no dairy, goat�s milk, soy, wheat, or corn. The human normal flora was determined thousands of years before humans ever consumed these agricultural products.

Probiotic Suficiency� contains over 30 billion viable organisms per serving! Each harvest is third party tested for potency, purity and safety and is stored in a refrigerated warehouse to maximize freshness. This assures the highest quality product available

"Probiotic Suficiency� is the only probiotic formula developed according to the human Innate Diet. It is the first probiotic designed exclusively to provide sufficient healthy organisms for digestive and immune function, and for overall wellness and prevention."

Start your journey in probiotic nutrition with probiotic vitamins to reap the benefits of health intestinal and immune systems!

Probiotic Sufficiency Immune System & Intestinal Health Supplement is your #1 probiotic vitamin supplement!

Probiotic healthy bacteria are ESSENTIAL for health and wellbeing.

- Dietary sufficiency is necessary for the proper function of the digestive and immune systems and thus for overall healthand protection from illness.

The North American (Western) diet is DANGEROUSLY DEFICIENT in Probiotic bacteria.

This deficiency is implicated as a causal factor in alarming numbers of preventable illnesses from infancy to old age.

The only way to consume adequate amounts of Probiotic healthy bacteria is

through suplementation .

- Research shows that we now consume one-millionth of the healthy probiotic

bacteria that we did before pesticides, herbicides, and industrial farming.

- Much of our healthy bacteria are destroyed by eating sugars, grains, and by

consuming alchohol, antibiotics, and other prescription drugs.

Directions For Use

Adults should consume 2 capsules per day with a meal containing raw fruit or vegetables.

Children should consume � capsule per 40 pounds of body weight.

Capsules can be broken and then mixed with drink or food.

Once the capsule is broken open consume the probiotic immediately.

Keep Probiotic Sufficiency� in the fridge or freezer to maintain maximum potency.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT STARTING PROBIOTICS!! It is not uncommon to experience what is referred to as excessive drainage syndrome when ridding the intestine of pathogenic bacteria and yeast and re-establishing normal flora.

When the unwanted bacteria and yeast begin to die off and be cleansed from the intestine toxins can be released which can sometimes lead to headaches, diarrhea, gas, bloating, or constipation. This is really a positive sign that the intestine is being cleansed of these toxin releasing and illness-promoting bacteria and fungi but it can be uncomfortable for a few days.

To minimize this excessive drainage syndrome we recommend introducing Probiotic Sufficiency slowly, perhaps one capsule every two days for the first week, then one capsule per day for the second week and then on to the regular two capsules per day thereafter.

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